Intuit. Indulge. Inspire.
First Tuesday of the Month

Dinner Party

First Tuesday of the Month
Central Indiana
07:00 pm

For us, this begins with sharing a meal. Sharing a meal has always been more than just eating to us. There is something special about setting aside time to eat with friends. To truly enjoy real conversation without feeling the judgement or pressures from everyday life. We want to spend time in intuitive conversation, to indulge in life’s everyday pleasures, and to inspire each other to grow as they are. We have found that we all want connection and more importantly to be invited.


Join us for a meal and real conversations!


About Hive

What is Hive?

Call it what you want; support group, girl gang, soul sisters... we want to come together to ignite each other and hold each other up.
We believe that by practicing intuition, indulging in life and inspiring others; we can grow together and build a loving and inclusive community.
We want you to visit with us and use this group on your own journey of personal growth!

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Past Speakers

Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the city
The ultimate dinner event for women everywhere!


Reserve you spot at our table!
Connect with us if you want to speak, sponsor, or just get coffee!